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by Only A Visitor

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Bounding down the stairs With my monoculars Excitedly peering, extending our eyes We want to see We want to be Up close with the bird sanctuary. And holding in my hands Some old borrowed eyes And goofing along Like being embraced My honest friend. I had almost forgot Feeling fruitless at the harvest And looking at a barren winter. How we must always grow our future Thinking about what more we could lose here Attending too many goodbye parties. And he said yes When the red breasted bird Perched in his hand Yes cause this is why Yes this is what for It's beauty and the real. Interviewing feathered friends About the very latest trend Of standing up only one legged I didn't forget So much as was reminded Other things exist. You can't capitalize on freedom I'm trying to filter it all down Understand my feet on the ground How can I care, and still be free? And he said yes When the red breasted bird Perched in his hand Yes cause this is why Yes this is what for It's beauty and the real. We exist Not only for ourselves Yes, because not no Yes, cause we want things That will not destroy us. When we returned home We slept in the memory of sun. Dreams flapped their wings Inside my skull.
Lines 04:52
Ten year old rebels count their mothers' scars And for each make promises to the stars. Tell me can they find a potter To make a vessel for the pain of daughters. Mother, she will kill for you. Humanity is inside an onion We tear up as the layers are undone. Know what happens and still pretend Can't see the beginning, can't see the end. Brother, it will come together. Ten more bodies add up to nothing Triplet zeros are newspaper stuffing. More fodder for cartoon satire Cause and effect that fans the fire. Sister, it's all heating up. Here's the line Tomorrow it will be closer. Not visible Except with guns and barbed wire. Lines drawn from afar. The settler is the imperial pawn Planting flowers and political lawns. We're just trying to live our lives We're living a lie. Father, they will resist you.
Walking through the foggy streets at night You feel like my best friend It's only us the women and the lonely truck drivers We investigate the alleys Stare in disbelief at forgotten buildings Walking between lines of private property Oversized doors, overhanging herbs, hidden streets and alleys People living in their vehicles We scavenge junk in the alleys And give it back it's beauty Oh we are We are able We chase the birds With homemade wings I remember a story you told me When they smashed the copper plate One for everyone to trade Fragments flow through different hands Commerce intertwined with beauty This is our alchemy
What do we wait for, what do we know We're seeking heroes, looking for hope Trees like teeth do fall as in a dream And the reality of what we don't see Feels like we're running in our sleep Our children won't know what we couldn't keep Our memories trivial, they wouldn't believe Feels like we're running in our sleep Every time I close my eyes... We woke up to forgive We only dreamt to forget We can only live If we ignore it People are waiting for clearer skies Or they lament that the dirt is too dry Predicting future ghosts on the rise And we're surrounded by deeds of the past We count on one hand what we have left Predicting future ghosts on the rise ...I think of paradise A place where our children can live their lives.
Metal 04:35
I love you Rusty metal Red sea spray I can almost hear Your trusty labourers Nailing down those coffin lids But those coffins were meant to be Opened again I was walking Home from a reading Past a secret I had never seen You betrayed your warmth Strings pulled by tiny barbs of horsehair The Christmas lights gave you away Metal, Nail, Horsehair, Secret
Red tinted flashlights Astronomers stay up late at night Rocks, dust, and rabbit brush On a family trip for dad and us. Motor homes and telescopes In the desert of Mount Kobau Cows on the range, dogs bred with wolves And we're all looking in different directions. That's when the visiting light Broke up our introspection It lit up our entire RV I ran outside to see the cosmic debris. And there hung the meteor's tail While we all stood there staring dumb from the trail I told you this under a pure sky No light, invisible signals, flying by. That's when the visiting lights Broke up our conversation They shot across the Milky Way Reminding me, this memory, this story. You asked me about the sonic boom I said it was silent You didn't believe me did you Often I remember And the more that I do The further it brings me from the truth. The more I remember The more it can become What I want it to... It lit up our entire RV I ran outside to see the cosmic debris.
I should have known But still it was a surprise Your socks and sandals standing at the bar Inside the WISE And we're both navigating Paper boats of memories Maybe forgot But still feel so heavy With all these paper weights They've since drifted to uncharted seas Is three years long enough To warrant a look Brush off the dust The gutter punk on stage Is crooning songs about love And why is every song Of things and ones we long Where did we go wrong Who and what was wrong Look down the road This is the lane I kept hearing about Could be the same Or things could have changed I'm sorry “Really it was just the other day That I thought about you” How many times did I say that I was thinking of you But everything came up Only As We Talked But I never really thought of you at all
Do You Mind 05:02
The language of our eyes Floats in through our smiles Though you're not the one we came to see With busy breasts and rotten teeth Like a styrofoam flower busy street Unnoticed in your fluency You learned all the words in pieces back from restaurant days in the city Now you're married, living under palm trees (Do you see it, do you feel it) Do you mind Do you mind that I mind Is this bliss My ignorance Race the sun to rise Rooster's feet, they clang on dishes 4am heard a pig scream, 4pm heard a rat dream But what noises behind the screen (Do you have to, do you wanna) I've put you in a box of mine Put it on, see if it fits It's a box I carry around From within there is no sound (Do you see it, do you feel it) You won't come drinking With the boys Out under the upside down sky Waves rolling up near by Difference demystified Do you mind Inside weaving holy shrines Wife, you are my curiosity Do you, do you see these chains That bury me Also wrapped about your feet But I didn't ask you
I pulled the wool Down over my eyes Ignore the signs Ignore the signs Like little lambs We are but our cries Are wolfish whines Are wolfish whines We went outside We were children again Ignoring time Feigning innocence Living parallel Sometimes tangential Intersecting Close or far away Like the time I was in Germany I kissed the rays of the sun And knew they were traveling To find your window In your next morning We went outside We were children again Ignoring time Feigning Innocence


Robyn Jacob - vocals, keys
Celina Kurz - vocals
Emma Postl - vocals
Jeff Gammon - bass
Kevin Romain - drums


released June 16, 2017

All songs written by Robyn Jacob
Arranged by Robyn Jacob and members of the band
Recorded and Engineered by Joseph Hirabayashi
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering
Album artwork by Eva Dominelli www.evadominelli.com
Dedicated to all our families


all rights reserved



Only A Visitor Vancouver, British Columbia

Only A Visitor is art pop from Vancouver, BC, Coast Salish Territory. Visit us at onlyavisitor.com

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